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Mooshie's back and has great plans.  Awesome game, I love this mascot plus it now comes with Plooshie.

lachlan please stop making more of these my mental health is deteriorating (Game #5)


Lmaoo the ending caught me off guard!! Cant to play part 3 lol 


Those cannibals were the worst!


Lord them cannibals got on my nerves, i tried my best lordt. Man i wont tell you how many times i....welp videos below 

The EPIC Battle Between Good & Evil! | Mooshies Kitchen 2 |

mooshie is a silly willy.

i swear these games just get better and better lol. thanks lachlan for making another awesome game!! 

it says my pc is at risk when i try to open  is that normal?


Mooshie is the best. 

This game is absolutely BONKERS!

Well, now the second part of this masterpiece has been completed, and it was, as always, cool. The plot became even more surreal and funny, although the changed location from the first part was very impressive with its gloomy design. I kinda like the situations when the horror sequels show up old locations, but with a different older or darker design. The plot, of course, cannot be called scary, but the game really impressed me, it was extremely good, including the combat, which, although simple, is still not bad. So yes, this is probably my favorite part of this series, and it was damn good, thanks to the author for the game)

wasn't expecting there to be a second one but here we go. 

absolutely BASED.


Absolutely loved this game had me in stitches too many times loved the outro dialogue 😂

love it keep it up 

OMG i let Plushie die....I AM THE WORST!!!! But on a different note please make a mooshie 3 

Better than I expected?? I guess? Haha, love how you don't take yourself TOO seriously and just have fun when you're making a game! Twas a fun, short, easy yet scary experience! Had a fun time!

(It was the first game I played in this vid, gameplay starts at 0:51 seconds!)

What Happens When You DONT Let Plooshie Go | Mooshies Kitchen 2

Another experience that was a thing.

I enjoyed it :)


how did you put the first game their

Love the humor mixed with the horror

I had to play part 2 of Lachlan Shelton good short game wish it was longer and I told you any new games you've I'm going to check it out. 3 Scary games or more every Sunday. 

After playing the first game, I felt obligated to play this second one lol

Yesss, Moshie's Kitchen 2

Loving it :D

Played it in German and I

want more :D

The cannibals moan when you hit them, 10/10 

Deleted 295 days ago

Glad you liked it! :)


You have made my 2 favorite short horror games, This Is Miranda, and You Are Liam, which made me uncomfortable and creeped out. Then I find out you made this, is insane, it's definitely funny and you did a good job!

Aww that's so cool! Glad you enjoy my games! :)


The title speaks for itself

Haha! Thanks for playing!


Fuck Mooshie Bro thought he could beat me in a dance battle. Check out my horror game compilation.

Haha, thanks for playing!


Another fun horror!

Glad you enjoyed!


Another great game, got both endings too. The ending really surprised me and the battle scene was awesome. P.s the noises I heard are too funny in this game 😂

Haha! Glad you liked it! 


YOOOO You got Mooshie Getting clapped up!!! 10 OUTTA 10 My BOI

Haha! Thanks for playing!


Honestly thought it couldn't get more random - but it did haha!  This one was short but sweet and left you questionning your own existance. Is Mooshie really the bad guy here? Mooshie is still a top salsa dancer and sprinter - just misunderstood. LOVED THIS ONE.  Catch me on twitch

Thanks for playing!



Nice! Thanks for playing! :)


Best comedy horror game ever made lol amazing job dev i give you 10 cookies. 

Haha! Glad you liked it! :)


I like your game ! ahah

Glad you do! :)



Thanks for playing! :)

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