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Fun game, I enjoy your strange dog. He seems to enjoy what he does too so respect to him. Got both endings, and each time I encountered the dog I had to stop and admire like some bizarre cosmic being. Anyway, enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)


oh my god

i finally found it

i have searched by image

i tried searching by name that i didn't remember

but now after 20 minutes of scrolling down 

I found it "outre"

put your headphones on, it's worth it

this game fooled me, by the bad graphics and the slow walking

but when you feed the dog, it appears with a key

you take the key and go to the LOCKED door in the end of the hallway

inside that LOCKED room are a bunch of drawing and a doll of it but inverted

then it appears in the corner but you walk past it

you into the room where you took "for dog" food

but you are stopped by it, you walk away from it but.....


you survived.

written by whoreallycares (missing)


Really like both your games. Great art style.

Thank you for playing the game! Just like your last video, this was fun to watch as well :)


Hello, I played this game and it's an okay game seeing how minimalist it was. good work either way :)


Thanks for playing! And the gameplay was interesting to watch too