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haven't beaten it yet but it's cool and unique I looooove it

Nice! :D


really cool game, but did you have to put the jumpscare while leaving the job after beating the game????

I guess hehe

bro, i have fallen off my chair irl, that's some devious game dev and i love it.

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i almost jump out of my seat when playing this game. I have play many horror games before but maybe this is the scariest one I ever played. Nice job :D


Glad you liked it!! :)

Play in votv


Lo Jugue en mi video mas reciente y aunque sea simple, me asusto bastante, un concepto bastante bueno

Thanks for playing! :)

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Quite fun although I didn't quite have the patience to get all the switches. This game gave quite a few heart attacks though, never thought I'd get jumpscared by a logo. I will say though, the turning of the point of view is kinda painfully slow. Gameplay of it starts at the 20 min mark on the video.


yoo very nice!

Thanks for playing! :)

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I just played the game. I enjoyed it a lot. Another awesome game! Keep up the great work! Your games are amazing!

Thanks for the support! :)

Any time! :)


reminds me of iron lung, cool game!

Glad you liked it! :D


Here is my playthrough of The Reset Job! Your games NEVER fail to put me on the edge of my seat. Took me a few attempts. Had a lot of fun playing this one. Nice job! Always looking forward to your next projects. 

Thanks for playing, Haz! :)


Its giving five nights at freddy's vibes for real haha nice game :D

Thanks for playing! :D