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There i finished it and i lke it! so sry it took so long is because of time and i was spooked long ago. idk if there is an exit like in the last game, but will consider finished becasue linus ate me! 


ii love the game and series but my only complaint with this one is the flashlight being a bit too dim but other than that, is great!

For some reason, I had more fun playing the first section than the horror section.


Author is great

I played this on my channel (the first and second game in the same video) And i really liked how you added on to the first games styleization with this one you didn't change it but improved on it and i really like how you did! Heres the playthrough if you wanna see ^~^ 


this game was so scary for no reason lmao

loved it

Haha thank you!


If nobody else got me I know lachlan's got me

this was kinda sad ):

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Epic Game
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I really loved the game except for one thing. with the flashlight it was very difficult for me to understand of where I was can you maybe make the flashlight a little bit better. other than that the game was absolutely wonderful!!! 

Thanks for playing! An yeah, some ppl have mentioned that about the flashlight haha


Another light, fun time! I played the first one like a week and a half ago, and really enjoyed it.

This was different enough to not just be a rehash of the first one, and it had that same campy, goofy tone that I always like to see from this site. (3D, first-person platforming always makes me want to die, though.)

Go check it out! :)


Hey, thanks for playing the game again :)


I can't believe you've made ANOTHER game just for little old me! I had a lot of fun playing it! I gave some thoughts at the end of the video. Great work!

Hey, thanks for playing again! :)

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Hey, thanks for playing! I read your review and it's always good to hear feedback, thanks again :)


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To be honest, I don't really know what was going on the whole time except a birthday party gone wrong XD. I wasn't able to see much most of the time even with the torchlight during the mid-segment of the game so it would be good if the torchlight was brighter and had a bigger radius. Also, I don't think I managed to get the good ending of the game as I believe I am supposed to run away from the guy at the end. I felt that more story-telling about jeffc friends could be done to better enhance the horrifying mood and atmosphere and the player's horror game experience.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

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Hi, thanks for playing the game and leaving a comment! There is no good ending so don't worry haha, you're meant to die at the end, but I was thinking about it since I did a similar thing for the first game where there was an exit, but decided to end off the second one having no exit to add more panic to the player. Thanks again for playing, have a good day :) Oh, and if you want, be sure to play the first game! (if you haven't already)


Oh man, your  plan worked XD.  I was panicking at the end, thinking that there was an exit...   I  hope  you  will make more  awesome horror  games  in  the future :).

Haha that's good to hear, and thanks again! :)