There Will be an Updated Demo

After the Version 0.2 update of the Bodhi 'n' Friends Demo, I said in the devlog that it would most likely be the only update I do for the demo before the full release. However, I've got a lot more than I thought planned for the full game and thought that it would be a good idea to release an updated demo when I'm ready. The updated demo won't be any longer in terms of playtime - there will however be a bunch of changes that I'd like to make and show off to up the quality of the game and make me feel even more proud of it.

Also, whilst the updated demo won't have an extended playtime, this doesn't mean I haven't started developing past that ending point in the demo yet, because I have, and progress is going well so far - I just don't want to show you guys too much before the full release of the game.

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