First Look at Combat

I've been working on Bodhi 'n' Friends a lot lately - and one aspect I've been working on in particular is the combat. Below you'll see 3 images giving a teaser first look at the combat. I won't be showing any footage yet as I feel the game isn't close enough to release yet, but I can't wait to show you all the full game when it's ready to release + tease more stuff as we get closer to it. The combat in Bodhi 'n' Friends will be quite detailed as well - the friends will get more damaged the lower their health gets and they'll be able to lose a few body parts as well.

There is no release date in mind yet, however, I'm aiming for the full version of Bodhi 'n' Friends to be complete around January - February 2023.

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good stuff, keep us updated! Cant wait for the release


Thanks for the support :)